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About my work

I am inspired by formal representation, arrangement, and composition of the overlooked. Humans are most often influenced and told to look at the big picture or the broad view of things. Social media has encouraged this concept and has significantly decreased the average human's attention span. By having minimal engagement with content, the viewer has no time to see minimal details.

In my work, I aim to increase viewer participation by hyper-focusing on materials that have exquisite detail.

I combine minimal content with the technique of negative space, precise attention to format, and arrangement. This demands that the viewer enter the personal space of the piece and get close to looking at the formalities and details. By delaying the initial recognition of materials, images, and textures the viewer is forced to spend time with each piece.

I take into close consideration the environmental impact that my work has. Most of the materials I use are found in the recycling bin, trash, compost pile, and otherwise looked over to be discarded. 

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